The Day It Rained


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The incident that happened today inspired me to start a blog, because our family is just so arb and humourous that certain stories should be told.

If I spend my first blog explaining who is who I am sure you will get bored, so all I am going to say is there are 11 of us altogether!! 2 adults and 9 children.

5 live at home all the time, 2 come and visit when their dad is home from Siberia and the last 2 live in Cape Town and visit us periodically.

So back to my story, I was on my way home from picking up Frank (16) and Kyri (a friends child) from school  and Frank decided he didn’t want to come all the way to Kyri’s house.

He asked me to drop him off as close to home as I could without going off my route and he would walk the rest of the way. I forgot to mention I had two Cocker Spaniels in the car,

one a year old and the other about 4 months, there leads were in the car and Frank decided to take them with him on his walk home!



I also need to mention that the clouds had started to build as happens on a typical summer afternoon in Johannesburg, anyway out Frank climbed with two dogs in tow, tangling themselves

around each other as well as Frank in their excitement at the prospect of a walk.

I was a little concerned about him taking both dogs by himself so I gave Amy (22) a quick ring and asked her and Maggie (14) to start walking down the road to meet Frank halfway. I happily carried on with

my afternoon route, chatting away to Kyri, when the rain came down….Oh dear I said to Kyri, I hope this rain has finished happening were Frank is! It was quite hectic, my windscreen wipers 

where zipping back and forth on the highest speed.

I dropped Kyri at home and he went off running for cover, as I drove up the driveway I was faced with three rather drenched and sorrowful looking children with their hands on their hips.

MOM who could you send us out the that deluge!! It HAILED!

I had my new Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirt on (Maggie)

My top went see through (Amy)

Frank just stood there looking like a drowned rat :0)

The dogs were sopping but super excited and went running right through the house leaving muddy devastation behind them.

Oh the joys of having children 🙂





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